You are why we do what we do

How you helped KnotSense become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our sensory aids and fidget bracelets knows they are getting a top-quality product—proven to help with sensory needs for anyone who struggles with SPD, autism, anxiety, adhd, and similar difficulties.
~Kristi, KnotSense CEO

Before I created KnotSense I was a typical stay-at-home mom to three children.

In 2013, I took my older son to Boy Scout camp as the Cubmaster of his pack. That’s where I was introduced to paracord knotting, and I was fascinated. Soon I was buying cord and learning how to tie all kinds of knots.

Then two of our kids were diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. I started researching to find out what SPD was and what it meant for my kids. I also hunted for things that would help them — both at school and in everyday life. So I turned to my hobby of knotting paracord.

I was thrilled that the items I created helped them! I considered looking into ways to share them with other families but thought that no one would want something a mom made at home.


I realized that lots of other parents out there have kids who are struggling too, and they just want to find something to make life a little easier for the children that they love — just like I did.

I set out to create the most high-quality fidget bracelets — using as many American-made supplies as I could — so our kids could quiet their bodies at school, and they could have self-calming techniques to carry with them all the time. 

I also wanted to make sure that my products looked amazing, and any kid would love to wear them — because who wants to be singled out as different?

Parents needed me…

to find a way to pack as much sensory experience as possible into a bracelet. So I experimented with materials and designs, having my kids and their friends test-drive products and tell me what they thought. 

The items had to be quiet and unobtrusive so they could be used in a classroom, at church, in daycare, at home — without causing distraction. I sent our kids to school with a bracelet or fidget, and they came home to tell me they were able to calm themselves with it during class. (They also said how cool the other kids thought their bracelets were!)

That’s when I realized I had created something that could be a game-changer for people struggling with sensory needs.

We started releasing our products, and the response has been amazing. When customers write to say how one of our products has helped their child focus in school…stop picking at their skin or pulling their hair…make it through an anxiety-producing experience without having a meltdown — that makes my heart sing.

We have expanded to include sensory aids for adults, and we’re always looking for ways we can support people with sensory needs… people just like our kids.

The meaning behind our logo

The KnotSense logo combines multiple meaningful elements. The name, of course, combines my knotting technique with a sensory experience. The T is made with a Celtic cross, 1) to represent my Christian faith, and 2) to represent my Irish heritage and love of Celtic knots.