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Hex Nut Fidget Bracelets

"My son absolutely loves this. He said it made a huge difference for him when trying to concentrate."
~ Carrie

Our Original Sensory Fidget Bracelets

"This bracelet is so amazing. My daughter loves it and wears it every day to help her in school."
~ Becky

Silver Bead Fidget Bracelets

"Love my new bracelet! It looks professional enough to wear to work and school, but allows me to mess with it when I need to keep my hands busy."
~ Emily

Thin Hex Nut Fidget Bracelets

"My son loved this bracelet, and it just looks like he is messing with it. Very cool and very appreciated."
~ James

Knife Lanyards

"Honestly this is the perfect lanyard I have been looking for. Extremely pleased."
~ Max

Golf Tee Holders

"Such a clever way to keep your tees organized, and a great gift for any golfer!"
~ Kristin

Wrist Keychains

"This is a God send! I was running around with two sets of keys and losing them constantly. Now I have them both together and kept on my wrist. THANK YOU!!!" ~ Cindy