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Mini Hex Nut Fidget Bracelet


Understated and calming

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These mini hex nut bracelets are big on calming! They’re the same style as our best-selling original Thin Hex Nut Bracelet, but with a smaller-sized nut. That makes them perfect for younger people or women who want a slimmer style.

Worn as a cool accessory, these bracelets allow anyone to keep a calming tool with them all the time, yet they don’t look like therapy tools. The hex nuts can slide across the bracelet or spin in place, providing sensory input and an unobtrusive finger fidget. When fingers are busy, the mind can calm and focus. Hex nut fidgets are my personal favorite!

Hex nuts are stainless steel. The clasp is a silver snap clip, about an inch and a quarter long. Cord used is a thin, Type 1 paracord, so it is very sturdy. The bracelet is finished with a decorative knot.

Size S fits 6- to 6.5-inch wrist; size M fits 7- to 7.5-inch wrist; size L fits 8- to 8.5-inch wrist.

An amazing calming tool!

What others are saying . . .


My son loved this!

He was a little embarrassed by some of the anxious habits he was developing, but this is a cool-looking bracelet and it just looks like he is messing with it.

Very cool and very appreciated.




Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

L, M, S


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